Octagonal shape rimless glasses online

It sounds great that I will be getting a prescription from my doctor very soon. As a matter of fact, I have been looking for an octagonal shape pair of glasses for several weeks. Recently, I was told that www.cheapprescriptionglasses.net might probably offer that shape glasses, so I called them yesterday and left the following enquiries:

1. Can they give me the measurements on these glasses, and can they be treated with a non-glare coating?
2. What is their policy if I get the glasses and they aren’t the right prescription due to an error on their company’s fault? Or what if I buy them and then don’t like the way they look, can I return them? How much do they cost?
3. I have a blended prescription. How long does it take for them to fit the prescription and send them to me?
4. What are the benefits or differences between having them made out of glass or plastic?
5. Can they give me a price for these eyeglasses, blended bifocal lenses, glare free coating?
6. The exact measurements of my old wire rimmed octagonal glasses is 50mm (eye size)-30mm (lens height), can they cut the frame size exact to my exist glasses?

I was informed by the customer service reprehensive that they will look into the issue if they could do rimless octagonal shape glasses and will get back to me in 12 business hours. Two weeks later, I got a reply from them that they could meet all my requirements. I was advised that I could choose any rimless frame I like, after that I just simply leave a requirement about the shape I desire and the size I need in the comments field after I fill out my prescription, their technician will take care during processing. They also told that each lenses can be treated with a non-glare coating, I could simply add the coating when i purchasing my order. They use the term “Anti-reflective coating” instead of “non-glare coating”. And that coating only costs $19.95 Australia Dollars. They also have detailed and reasonable exchange & refund policies, if I am not satisfied with my order for any reason, I could return them for a one-time exchange with another frame model I desire at only 50% of original cost. If there is an error on their end, they will provide replacement free of charge or credit my account. For the lenses issue, I was advised to choose the plastic lenses, they are lighter in weight and are stronger than the glass lenses. At their company, complete order for my eyeglasses order with everything I need is less than $250. I was very impressive by their excellent and prompt customer service and amazing price that I won’t get at my doctor’s office, once I get my prescription, I will be placing an eyeglasses order with them very soon!

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